Sunday, January 31, 2010

OK, Some People Would Just Call Me Cheap

Why am I starting a new blog? I have a few but there's really not any one place to pull them all together. I'm putting a blog roll over on the side so you can check the other ones out. I'll probably refer to them often as I post crochet patterns, recipes and contests!

I raised three kids on a budget and now that they have all moved out I can't seem to break the habit of saving money. I'm still helping my youngest through college but he's very good at budgeting his student loan money and hasn't had to ask for much. I save coupons for him and he uses them. My middle child just graduated from college last year and even though he got a good job he's paying off student loans and I try to help him out, too. The oldest, my only daughter, is the mom of the two most wonderful grandsons ever and wife to a pretty darn good son-in-law.

So thats me and my family, oh yeah, I almost forgot the furbabies, I have three, all of the feline variety. They keep me from going completely crazy living in this very empty nest.