Saturday, April 24, 2010

I'm a Tattooed Lady and I Let the Grandkids Get Them Too

Ok, so they're only temporary but there was a Blessing of the Bikes on Main St in Troy today and there was a booth doing temporary tattoos. So we all got one (or two in the case of the kids).

Timmy looks so tough here, doesn't he? Awesome tattoo!!
Tyler wanted a big one so he got his on his back.
My turn, it can't show while I'm working so I had to get it on my upper arm.

Awesome, ain't I! So daring!!
And then Tyler decided he needed one where he could see it. So he went for a badger on his arm. It was a great morning with the grands and my son-in-law who opted not to get a tattoo. It's bad enough he has one on his arm with initials on it that are NOT my daughters.

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